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Email:Paul dot s dot s88 at hotmail dot com
Date:2 August 2021
You should have an intro to the site letting visitors know that it’s just a fan site.


Name:John MacKinnon
Email:jdmk at shaw dot ca
Date:15 July 2017
Liked you in Aerosmith's "Hole in my Soul" video

Email:manomi dot kuso at mail dot com
Date:24 January 2017
Loved you in Friends and just saw you in Drop Dead Diva! Keep it up, you are so much more believable and relatable than most other actresses I see on TV lately.

Email:support at apptha dot com
Date:18 March 2016
Hiya! Re-watching friends for the umpteenth time and came across you as "Elizabeth" :D Soo hello from Sri Lanka! Just wanted to compliment you on the way you played Elizabeth :)

Email:jaleon at outlook dot com
Date:29 January 2016
I love her eyes and her smile, she is beautiful. Kisses from Spain.

Email:tgroh631 at gmail dot com
Date:24 February 2015
Keep up the great work and I look forward to your next career move

Email:lithrosmusic at gmail dot com
Date:12 October 2014
Hey Alexandra, I noticed you while looking at the cast of Franklin and Bash, and noticed you were from Northfield. That is one of my favorite towns. I am originally from Faribault. It is great to see another MN actor make it. Be well.

Email:free at ambientlife dot com
Date:28 April 2014
So...today when I watched "Special", I finally figured out who this lovely, special woman is that I've been in love with for the past 20 years. Thank you Alexandra, you have no idea how much you've filled my heart! If only there were an awesome woman like you for me?

Email:rjslessor at gmail dot com
Date:5 April 2013
I've just re-watched Dead End after almost 10 years and I just wanted to say that Alexandra is such a beautiful woman.

Email:Brerbryan at frontier dot com
Date:4 January 2013
Recently saw alexandra in 'lovely molly'. Very spooky. Such a beauty ;)

Email:csymons at tardisenterprises dot com dot au
Date:29 June 2012
Hi from Australia Alexandra! your a great actress and did an awesome job in "Dead End". looking forward to seeing more!!!

Email:Denille at iowatelecom dot net
Date:11 June 2012
Her stunning beauty caught my attention, but after viewing her other works, it’s obvious that she is just as bright. A true star.

Email:irisIhknight110 at aol dot com
Date:17 March 2011
I think that Alexandra is a very good actress and one of the most beautiful women that I have seen. I hope that she gets offered better and better movie and TV roles. I love watching her.

Date:28 February 2011
Hey Alexandra, I saw your first appearance of Ally Mcbeal and thought you were absolutely great. And hot!!!!!! I thought I would let you know. Paul

Name:Lee Fairbrother
Email:pintoandmilo at live dot co dot uk
Date:24 October 2010
Love all your work and you are so lovely, hope to see you (on screen) again soon.

Date:21 November 2009
Hey! I am a huge fan of friends and i've lately seen your episode of cold case on tv. when i saw you i thougt that it is elisabeth from friends and so i came to your homepage (: you're great

Email:audonfack2 at yahoo dot fr
Date:3 September 2009
alexandra holden is the most beautiful woman of the world.she is so sexy, she have the most beautiful eyes,the most beautiful lips, the gorgeous legs and a smile which make every man crazy, she is the incarnation of beauty,glamoureous woman and for finish she is a great actress.I love you alexandra, god bless you and i wishes you healthy,chance, love,good professionnal work, and happinesss, i remember you every day and i am the number one fan so i have all the dvd(by send) where you play.if in the future i have a daughter, i will call her alexandra.

Name:Ben Crook, 28
Email:bencrook_ at hotmail dot com
Date:12 August 2009
Alexandra is a great actress and seems to be such a nice person. I hope she gets a 'big break' soon and gets the recognition that she deserves. Its always a pleasure to see Alex on the screen as she lights it up with her beauty and charm. Great sight and thanks for the hard work. Cheers, Ben

Email:audonfack2 at yahoo dot fr
Date:7 August 2009
she is so beautiful alexandra

Email:missmy05gt at mindspring dot com
Date:6 February 2009
I have been a HUGE Alexandra Holden fan for about 10 years now. She truely has the face of an Angel. I even thought about having a portrait tattoo done of her (still might...). I am probably one of the few who know her middle name and some recent addresses. No...I'm not a stalker, I work in the Fugitive Recovery industry. I got connects...

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