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Email:s dot cagnizzi at setelgroup dot it
Date:20 October 2005
Surely you'll never read this mail...but i'm only tryng to catch the dream of you, by means of a word, a glance, a walk together...maybe through the roads of Rome, where i live, with your hand in my hand, slowly walking on the many bridges of this city, and the eternity all around us.... Think of it...make me know...don't leave my wishes die.... Kisses Stefano

Date:16 October 2005
I've finally decided to reopen my fansite for Alexandra Holden!! :)

its a work in progress:)

Email:Brerbryan at aol dot com
Date:16 October 2005
Hello, I thought alexandra holden looked irresistible in purgatory flats. She changed from innocent to devious very well.

Email:walery4 at op dot pl
Date:9 September 2005
Jesteś fajną laską. Moim ideałem kobiety! Tak trzymaj!!!!!!!

Email:jdeek2002 at yahoo dot com
Date:28 July 2005
Hey, It's been a while since that visit in Harvard Square with your Sister. Glad to see ur makin it. Good luck.Hope ur sister is doing well with the law. Frozen Yogurt man, Harvard Square

Email:shark_bite_15 at hotmail dot com
Date:19 July 2005
Oh, and one more thing its a lill embarrasing to say but........... u realy are beautifull!!!

Email:shark_bite_15 at hotmail dot com
Date:19 July 2005
oi as u can see i am from holand but I just wantet to tell yah some lill things 1. U look great 2. you re sexy 3. to bad I am born to late for U!!! but enouch bout that youre pretty good in the movies keep on going this way;)

Email:SOZ3108 at aol dot com
Date:13 July 2005
I never saw a beautiful girl like you before!!! You are absolutly nice and my favorite actress. I love all your films and the role in Aerosmith videoclip "Hole In My Soul"...that was fantasic!!! Greatings from Germany!!!

Email:hewitt_fanatic at musician dot org
Date:11 July 2005
really nice site. i am watching "the hot chick" audio commentary, heard her name, so decided to check out the site :)

Name:George Luo
Date:8 July 2005
my dreaming girl!

Name:Garrett Miller
Date:15 June 2005
Finally decided to search on her. She actually taught me tennis! She graduated with my older sister from NHS. Kinda funny how she's hit it big! Alex, if you ever read these sites, remember Ellie Miller?? :)Don't forget where ya came from! Here's to Northfield!

Date:15 May 2005
Very beautiful and sweet,I hope to see more of her.

Name:Craig Jones
Email:craig dot eurosolution at music-house dot co dot uk
Date:13 May 2005
Alexandra Holden is without a SHADOW of a doubt one of the finest actresses of our time. She is AMAZING.

Look at the facts:

Drop Dead Gorgeous - She may have only had a cameo, but just how funny was she as the previous winner of the beauty pagent! "Don't Cry Out Loud" is quite possibly the funniest scene in a movie ever"

Dead End - Low budget Horror flick MADE by Alexandra's amazing performance.

Friends - Ok, the best sitcom EVER made, featuring some of the worlds biggest stars including (obviously) Lisa Kudrow, as well as Susan Ward, Jennifer Coolige, Christina Applegate, Melissa George, Courntey Cox, Anna Faris and SO many more hot babes. But Alexandra Holden was AMAZING in it as Bruce Willis' daughter and made series 5 amazing!!

The Hot Chick - Quite possibly the best teen movie EVER MADE and alongside such beauties as Anna Faris and Rachel McAdams, Alexandra was just flawless in this!!

Just a few reasons why Alexandra is THE BEST HOLLYWOOD STAR EVER!!!!

Email:basket_case911 at hotmail dot com
Date:6 May 2005
She is the perfect example of how a girl can be both cute and hot at time same time...love her.

Name:Jim Clark
Email:clarkjim at juno dot com
Date:1 May 2005
A beautiful young lady with an "always happy" smile on her face; a very fine actress able to play a role to its maximum; and obviously a very busy person who doesn't waste much time. How could we NOT love her!! I think her role as Sunny in Purgatory Flats was a superb tour de force for such a youngster, producing a very emotional impact on viewers.

Date:12 April 2005
just seen that wishcraft, great movie. how gorgeous can one girl be? alexandra holden is just awesome!!!!

Email:neag_adrian at rdslink dot ro
Date:10 April 2005
I dont know mutch about Alexandra Holden but she makes great movies & she is very sweet . Keep it up Alexandra for any comments e-mail me at neag_arian@rdslink.ro

Email:emu_link at hotmail dot com
Date:8 April 2005
i just saw that movie, wishcraft. Great movie! she played a real good role in that movie. Nice site 2, altho i dont like the wallpapers... they arent as great as Alexandra :(

Date:30 March 2005
heck yes mo is gonna be walking down the red carpet and winning an acadamy award like her cousin will!

Email:mdp at yahoo dot com
Date:23 March 2005
She is just great!If someone doesn't believe in angels, he will after seeing her! Thanks god for such a beautyness!!!Love and hugs from Switzerland!

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