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Email:JB_Devil at hotmail dot com
Date:29 December 2004
Hello Alexandra you are perfect, the dream of any man. I like all your films a lot you are well in all them, you are a spectacular and very pretty actress, like a lot to see you in the film " Wishcraft " I am without moving with so much beauty and sympathy. good-bye Alexandra stay well. and I wish you one year new full peace and happiness!!

Date:20 December 2004
why not she read these posts?

Okay, there's a chance that she does read them, but I can't say for sure - I've never spoken with her - William.

Email:fabianoucg at hotmail dot com
Date:16 December 2004
Why doesn't answer our messages, I know that is a star, that is beautiful, that it is everything of good, but nothing doesn't cost to answer, I don't know her but I know that is a person that doesn't undo of the other and it is after all for that that I ask her for answering my message, I have a lot of admiration for you. Remember that you are extremely beautiful! Order me a memory, feel a sign, show me that it received this message, I would be very thankful for your attention. I know that am just one more your admirer, that I am alone one more among the thousands of fans that have, but I guarantee that am different. Memories, good-bye!

Please can you note that this is a fan-site, Alexandra Holden does not necessarily read these posts - William.

Date:12 December 2004
Thanks for making this site. It's the only one dedicated to her, and has a great collection of pictures. Keep up the good work!

Email:spiderleonardo at yahoo dot com dot br
Date:10 December 2004
eu adoro ela!

Email:hnm72 at hotmail dot com
Date:9 December 2004
you are so beatiful.i would be the micheal now.this man have very luck of stay with you.i found you all nice,after that watch at movie:wishcraft.you there was divine!!!!!! everytime that listen the songs from the calling,i remember you.alex,i want one e-mail from you ,give-me please!well,a thousand kisses in yours lips.nice meet you,bye.

Name:Fabiano, Luiz
Email:luizfabianoucg at yahoo dot com dot br
Date:6 December 2004
Don't know speak english very well, but just know that you are wonderful. Please, answer me, give me a souvinir or a sing. Know i'm far but...!! To a special person. From a simple person.

Email:nandomerjack at hotmail dot com
Date:6 December 2004
Alexandra, I was completely gotten passionate for you, vi its work and I was fascinated, I found incrivel its simplicity and its performance, I wait that it reads my comentario and it only knows that one such of Fernando who deferred payment in Brazil completely is gotten passionate by you, e oa bigger desire of it is at least you to see kisses personally gotten passionate, Fernando

Email:willkeineemail at web dot de
Date:5 December 2004
Saw her first in the aerosmith video "hole in my soul". Forgot her for a while. Today i was downloading the song. Found out her name and came here. She's really beautiful. isn't she.

Email:floripa dot girl at uol dot com dot br
Date:5 December 2004
WOW.....I'm in love with her !!! She's gorgeous !!!

Date:5 December 2004
She is so beautifull..

Name:Luis ''Ras'' Vieira
Date:4 December 2004
I saw this night the movie "wishcraft", Alexandre is a very very great actress... I did my order! guys, the movie is good as alexandre. I have fear... Jah Bless!

Email:gleidtrank at hotmail dot com
Date:4 December 2004
Ola... I do not know if voce knows to say to Portuguese.....bom I does not know English haha..ha... but I find that valley the will force taste very of its work and clearly voce is pretty up to one day who knows kisses of a Brazilian admirer....fui!!!!!it forgives for my English

Email:w00dst0ck_br at hotmail dot com
Date:4 December 2004
Dear Alexandra, you are perfect!! I love you girl! Each part of you body are perfect! My dream is meet you ;) []'s and kisses

Name:Jesus San Martin
Email:chusian_83 at hotmail dot com
Date:1 December 2004
AleX!! you are great! I would like to meet you sometime. I know it's impossible but a wish is a wish. I'm from Spain, but I live in US. Well good luck I hope you to win an OScar award!! Bye

Email:sonu_gr8 at hotmail dot com
Date:28 November 2004
I Love You . And u r the gratest of all for me.I like every thing belongs to u take care.

Name:Me And You
Email:sonu_gr8 at hotmail dot com
Date:26 November 2004
First of all I Love You and want your E-mail .And I like everything of your and I just LOVE you and want to talk to you because in my eyes u r just perfect.

Name:AJ DeHart
Email:crazyostrich04 at aol dot com
Date:24 November 2004
I LOVE,LOVE Alexandra Holden. She is SOOOOO!!!! Pretty. And she is an awsome actress. I loved her in her guest spots on friends. I never knew she was in sugar and spice. Thats awsome.

Email:lilplaya342 at yahoo dot com
Date:21 November 2004
U R SOOOO HOTT!!! I saw ur movie yesterday (Dead End)I love U!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date:11 November 2004
I think u are so hot! Very nice abs and how can we miss your sexy blonde hair and last but not least your sexy chest. I LOVE YOU

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