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Email:callanvass at hormail dot com
Date:13 October 2004
i just saw here today she is STUNNING EXTREMELY gorgeous and i am very much impressed with the performance she gave in wishcraft GREAT site btw !!!!

Name:Robert Marley
Email:robertli225 at hotmail dot com
Date:26 September 2004
Alexandra Holden is no doubt the most beautifulliest girl ive seen but its a shame i cant find no decent wallpapers of her tho.I would be able to see her everyday then.

Date:13 August 2004
I really like alexandra but it's a shame there aren't any nice wallpapers of her! Great site by the way.

Name:J Roc
Date:6 August 2004
Yo waz it true dat she was appeared nude in 6 feet unda? im not asxing fo those pics i just curious

We honestly don't know. I'm guessing a body-double - William.

Email:Eurasian76 at aol dot com
Date:30 July 2004
I had the pleasure of meeting Alexandra or 'Alex' as she introduced herself, last month when I was visiting Los Angeles. Our mutual friend Amanda introduced us at dinner one evening. Alex was an incredibly sweet girl! After everyone else went home, she invited my friend and I back to her apartment for drinks and she was just so nice to us. I loved her performance in 'Drop Dead Gorgeous'! So funny!

Email:velkepako at centrum dot cz
Date:29 July 2004
Only three words: I LOVE YOU.

Name:the big "fan"
Date:27 July 2004
Alexandra holden are the most beautiful girl in the world. shes so lovley,and sexy,whit her blond hair and her great body!!! and the beutiful eyes hwos looking whit a littel bit of sadness,but soo mmmmmmm..............

Email:Ceejay1415 at gmx dot de
Date:25 July 2004
a movie with alexandra holden and a party.please come.

Email:wittynpretty22 at hotmail dot com
Date:19 July 2004
how come there are no photos of her from drop dead gorgeous?

Email:babyzales at aol dot com
Date:2 July 2004
Drop Dead End Gorgeous :) Do Any other Alexandra Sites exist? It was kind of hard getting here but it sure was worth the time! I must agree with Sebastian diwn there... the short hair looks much better -> Rock On!

Email:unbearable_punk at yahoo dot com
Date:28 June 2004
as long as i love alexandra holden , she will be my first way to all my life , the reason : becoz she has a very beautiful touch and sexy smile i don't know and her charachter in " how to deal " made me love her more and more , so good luck alexandra and bye

Email:cortez_tb at yahoo dot com
Date:27 June 2004
I just saw Dead End ... and she looks so beutiful...expecially with short hair... when i saw her , i thought that she looks familliar , and i rememberd after searchin the internet that i saw her in many serials and movies.. she is great :) and .. does enebody knows her official site?! 10x

Name:Marty Wrinn
Email:7 at martywrinn dot com
Date:31 May 2004
Great fansite, and Alexandra Holden rocks. She is one of America's favorite actresses. Cheers, Marty

Date:24 May 2004

Name:Alexis H
Email:Xplosivenitr0 at msn dot com
Date:30 April 2004
Hi! I'm French it s now my second film that i've seen with Alexandra H I'm dazzle. She's the woman to my dream i would like she reads my message. I saw Dead End and Wishcraft she have a look that i would not forget. Sorry for the fault i'm from France it's understandable hihi sorry,thx for this fan site and plz answer me kiss at all ;)

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