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Alexandra has appeared in several episodes of Friends as the girlfriend of Ross, something that was more than frowned upon - but not by the critics. These are some of my favourite episodes, which also include a guest role from Bruce Willis as Elizabeth's father. "We went to the table to read for the episode where Ross meets Elizabeth's dad, and they didn't have the dad cast yet. The next day, I was in my dressing room, and David Schwimmer came and knocked on my door. He goes, 'Did you hear who's playing your dad? Bruce Willis!' Everyone was so excited."
Spotted also in Aerosmith's "Hole in my Soul" video, Alexandra's first run-in with fame was something of a letdown. From FHM: "I'd just finished filming, she explains, referring to the 1998 Aerosmith video in which she played a sexy scientist, "but they shot their stuff in New York and I did my little acting part in L.A.. So I didn't get to meet them until they invited me to a show. I'm all excited, like, 'Yeah, rock concert, backstage - sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll! Let's go!'. I get back there and Steven Tyler and his wife are playing Candyland with their little daughter. I was 20 years too late."
Mandy Moore on Alexandra (How to Deal commentary): "I just got the idea in my head that ice-cream sounded amazing so Alex and I volunteered to go run and find some and we were running all around and it started pouring and we didn't have an umbrella, so we're soaking wet and I had brand new flip-flops on - and they broke. So, I'm running around Toronto without shoes on and, Alex, you were so sweet - you took your shoes off too - like, all for one - one for all..."